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Welcome to Bristol Savages, a Society concerned with the pursuit of the Fine Arts,
Painting, Music, Poetry, other Performing Arts and Good Fellowship.

Bristol Savages was founded by artists in 1904, since when they have been joined by musicians and other talented and varied entertainers, amateur and professional, plus lay members who in fact make up the greater part of our membership.

Why Savages? Alas the truth about where our name came from has been lost in the mists of time. There have been various speculations; but we do regard ourselves as a rather noble tribe! From the very start, high standards have been maintained for artist (Red Feather) and entertaining (Blue Feather) members, achieved by applying strict auditioning processes. For lay membership (Green Feathers), a proposer and four seconders are required from within the Tribe, plus a probationary first season before full membership may be confirmed.

Every Wednesday night during our active season (October through to April) there is a different Chairman for the evening, whose prerogative it is to provide a subject, previously unknown to any member. Red Feather artists then have just 2 hours to produce an interpretive sketch, whilst Performing Blue Feather members also have this time to rehearse. Completed sketches are then placed on display in the Wigwam (our main meeting hall) where all members may view well before the evening’s entertainment. At 8.00pm, Reds and Blues join Green Feather members for fellowship and a 2 hour programme of fine entertainment, organised and provided by our Blue Feather members.

Big Red Indian